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Poznan, 10/28/2008

MPTS sp. z o.o.

ul. Szczepanowskiego 11, 60-541 Poznan, POLAND

The research project

On 28/10/2008 on the basis of the Decision no. DSN/AN/2840/2008 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education MPTS Sp. z o.o. received a grant for the project “Implementation of the GPET recycling technology”.

The project involve deliberate execution of research related to the implementation of a new, highly-efficient and economically reasonable technology of recycling bottles and GPET foil by the main usage of the latest generation Starlinger /Austria/ regranulation line. The project will develop and implement technology to the practice of recycling chemically modified industrial waste line GPET polyester, not yet recovered on a larger scale on the Polish market. The project intends to prepare specifications of the GPET waste material entering the process and determine the optimal technological parameters (temperature and drying time, temperature and pressure in the plastification system, rotary screw speed) of the line for regranulation of plastic. New technology will be used for the production of GPET regranualte then used for the production of foils for thermo forming and bottles for the chemical substances.

Applied research and development of the technology will affect the thermo- and rheological analysis of the input material as well as the strength of the produced regranulate. This will determine the conditions of implementation at the MPTS plant the new recycling technologies and evaluate the effectiveness of the process. The high knowledge potential of the Institute of Materials Technology of the Poznan University of Technology as well as the practical know-how of the company will be used in the research project.

The implementation work will consist of the introduction to the practice of the new industrial recycling technology related to the production of high-quality GPET regranulate. The outcome of the project will also be tested and reviewed to produce procedures and algorithms to be used in the future for the evaluation of the manufactured goods.

Completion of these tasks should be an incentive for additional business growth, enhancing its prestige and quality of manufactured products and extending their range. It should also improve the competitiveness of the company and its efficiency in acquiring new contracts as well as lead to the creation of new jobs, and thereby increase employment.

The overall goal is to produce and examine the GPET polyester regranulate for the production of thermo-formed foils and bottles from the waste GPET and recycling of other waste GPET.

The main practical purpose of the project is the application of the entirely new GPET regranulate production technology in the polish industry - with the highest possible quality needed for further use in the production of GPET films, bottles, etc.

Authors intend to achieve these objectives within the framework of industrial research by creating a unique across the country and Europe technology and its implementation for the production of new types of high-quality GPET regranulate. Implemented in the manufacture of regranulate the project should provide higher utility and better quality of the finished goods, as well as better mechanical properties of the foils and packages produced from these. For this purpose, an innovative technology of GPET regranulate production will be developed and studies of their basic physical and mechanical properties will be carried out.

The work related to the implementation of the mass production of GPET regranulate will depend on the completion of modifications to the existing line for the production of PET regranulate and its accessories. Firstly, a test series of regranulate will be produced. Secondly, a quality examination will be made among the users of regranulate (foil and bottles producers). Finally, verification tests and economic assessment of the project will be carried out.

Implementation of these tasks should lead to the development and implementation of a unique in this industry technology and processes which will increase the quality of produced regranulate. In addition, the project will raise the prestige of the company and will become an additional impulse for the development of the business, which will improve its competitiveness in the domestic market and abroad and help to create new jobs.

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